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Component NS 15-40 (1)

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Component NS 15-40. WE Fertilizer: C.1.1. Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer N(S) 15-(40)


Nitrogen (N): 15%

Nitrogen in the ammonium form: 3,5%

Nitrogen in the nitrate form: 3,5%

Nitrogen in the amide form: 8%

Sulfur (S) elementar: 40%

EFFECTIVE SOURCE OF SULPHUR - elemental sulfur is not leaching into the deeper layers of the soil, so its effective absorption of up to 90%.

LONG-TERM EFFECTS - long-term activation of sulfur ensure its availability throughout the vegetation period.

EASY TO USE - highly concentrated product, recommended for use with UAN

INTENSIVE ASSIMILATES - sulfur improves the efficiency of other nutrients, especially nitrogen and phosphorus. 1 kg of sulfur enables the use of up to 10 kg of nitrogen!

VERSATILE USE - in addition to nutritional value, also has fungicidal activity.

Component NS 15-40 is a liquid, highly concentrated nitrogen fertilizer containing 15% nitrogen and sulfur elementary - min. 40%. It is a universal fertilizer, soil used for all crops, before sowing or after sowing. Regulates the use of other nutrients, particularly nitrogen and phosphorus, helps to direct the growth of crops, improves their quality. Controlling the growth of the fat content in oilseed plants which have several times larger than the demand for sulfur grains. Sulfur contained in the product, as a component of enzymes fully a particularly important role in processes such as photosynthesis and the synthesis of proteins and fats.

It contains finely divided elemental sulfur. Particles of sulfur, with the participation of microorganisms in the soil are oxidized to sulphate form (SO3), assimilated by plants within a few days of use of fertilizer. Further systematic activation of sulfur ensure adequate supply of plants in this element throughout the growing season, without having to re-filling. Component NS 15-40 can be used before sowing the previous crop plant in need of fertilizer or during the growing season, for example, before sowing barley, following by canola grown.

Efficiency of sulfur contained in the fertilizer reaches up to 90%, It is not eluted into the deeper layers of the soil (not accessible to plants), as in the case of sulphate sulfur origin. It also shows fungicidal activity.

The fertilizer can be applied by spraying, as a concentrate for the implementation of the working fluid by mixing it with water, other fertilizers or UAN. To do this, shake to mix the contents and then pour it into the tank right amount of fertilizer. The packaging must be rinsed and re-add it to the tank working fluid.

For about 1% of the sulfur content in the working fluid, up to 1 ton of UAN 32N should pour 20 liters of fertilizer component NS 15-40.

1% of elemental sulfur is equal to 2.5% of SO3

Do not apply in strong sunlight, high temperatures and before or during rainfall.

 Approximate doses of fertilizer Component NS 15-40:

Plants l/ha  Plants  l/ha Plants l/ha
 Rape 20-30   Malting barley 6-8 Potatoes 6-8
 Wheat, rye 10-12   Triticale 6-8 White beet 12-15
 Barley 10-12   Oat 6-8 Grassland 25-30
 Onion 15-20   Corn 12-15 Peas, lupine 8-10


Package:  Canister 10l  Canister 20l 
 Net weight: 14,1 kg  28,2 kg 
 Sulfur content (S): 5,6 kg 11,2 kg 
 Nitrogen content (N): 2,1 kg  4,2 kg 
 Pcs on the palette:  63  24


The fertilizer product can be harmful if swallowed.With long-term use of manual work gloves and respiratory protection, face and eyes. Follow the rules of transportation and storage:



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