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N 27, Calcium ammonium nitrate ZAK S.A.

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TRADE NAME: Calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN), granulated
CHEMICAL NAME: Mixture of ammonium nitrate with calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate

This is a nitrogen fertilizer supplying nutritive elements (N as NH4+ and NO3-, Mg and Ca as carbonates). It is suitable for blending with other granulated fertilizers.
That is a general purpose nitrogen fertilizer. It will readily dissolve in water and will not be responsible for soil acidification, hence it can be applied to every soil type. Nitro-chalk is classified as a fertilizer with quick and prolonged performance. Its granules are very hard and so they are resistant to caking, abrasion, crumbling and disintegration under transport, storage and application conditions. All the fertilizer components are available in the forms which can be absorbed readily by the plants. It can be applied to arable land, in orchards, pastures, gardens and other cropland, for every crop which requires nitrogen fertilization, before sowing and for top dressing as well. Regular application of nitro-chalk will not result in soil acidification but it will supply the necessary macro-components and will create favourite conditions for heavy crop. Nitro-chalk is especially recommended for those cultivation systems where no mechanical facilities are available for its application.
  • CAN forms loose granules, beige to brown, depending on the colour of the filler employed.
  • The fertilizer contains an anti-caking agent.
  • Under recommended conditions of storage and transportation, quality specification is guaranteed over the period of 9 months from the date of the production
  • CAN is not reckoned among hazardous materials according to RID/ADR regulations.


  • all types of soil and all plants,
  • before sowing and for top dressing (in the case of alkaline soils it is recommended to mix the fertilizer with soil),
  • use in several doses:
    • crops, rape, beets – two, three or four doses,
    • meadows – after each cut,
    • pastures – after each grazing.
Parameter Unit Value Method
Total nitrogen, between % m/m 27,5 ± 0,5 ZAK’s own method
nitrate-N, between % m/m 13,7 ± 0,2 ZAK’s own method
ammonium-N, between % m/m 13,8 ± 0,3 ZAK’s own method
Calcium as CaO, between % m/m 3,5 ± 0,9 ZAK’s own method
Magnesium as MgO, between % m/m 4 ± 0,9 ZAK’s own method
Drying loss, not more than % m/m 0,5 ZAK’s own method
Size grade: content of 2-5 mm granules, not less than % m/m 95 ZAK’s own method
  • It is a valuable source of nitrogen (27.5%) in the form of fast-release nitrate (13.7%) and slow-release ammonium (13.8%), which ensure the optimum development conditions.
  • It is universal – can be applied in the case of all types of crops, regardless of the application period (before sowing, for top dressing).
  • It contains calcium (3.5% CaO) and magnesium (4% MgO) which improve the efficiency of absorbing nitrogen by the plants’ roots and reduce nitrogen losses, thus making fertilization more profitable; it also protects subsoil waters against pollution by nitrogen compounds.
  • All contained nutrients are easily absorbed by the plants.
  • The structure of granules protects nitrogen from being leached out too soon and thus against nitrogen losses.
  • Granules are very strong and hard, therefore:
    • the fertilizer does not cake and does not crumble, it is resistant to abrasion during transport and storage;
    • it can be applied (spread) over long distances (up to 40 m*), reduces the number of runs across the field and hence reduces the costs of farming;
  • Granules have an exellent, high uniformity (granule class: 95% of 2-5 mm granules):
    • even spreading is guaranteed, regardless of spreading technique, which ensures stable quality of the yield;
    • the fertilizer can be blended with other granulated fertilizers, thus making it possible to fully fertilize the soil in one application;
  • Each granule is covered by an anti-caking agent which ensures flowability and prevents caking.
  • The fertilizer does not acidify the soil. It controls soil pH and ensures favourable development conditions for soil microorganisms required by plants.
  • The product meets all required safety criteria (safety certificate issued by POLSKIE CENTRUM BADAŃ I CERTYFIKACJI and  certificate of non-explosion issued by INSTYTUT PRZEMYSŁU ORGANICZNEGO) – as the fertilizer does not have explosive properties, it can be safely transported, stored and applied.
  • The fertilizer efficiency was tested on experimental fields.
* Tests carried out by one of the leading European manufacturers of fertilizer spreaders, the Bogballe Company, demonstrated that ZAK's CAN can be successfully applied over a distance of up to 40 m, which makes this fertilizer a unique product on the European market.

Technical data

Nitrogen Tak
Phosphorus No
Potassium No
Sulfur No
Calcium No
Magnesium No
Microelements No

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