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NPK(S) 6-20-30-(7) Polifoska 6

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We accept order size of 24 tons and multiples of 24 tons. For foreign companies we offer products in net prices.

·        N – nitrogen in ammonia form 6%
·        P2O5 - phosphorus in neutral ammonium citrate and water soluble 20%
·        P2O5 - phosphorus in water soluble 17%
·        K2O – potassium in chloride form, water soluble 30%
·        SO3 – sulphur in sulphate form, water soluble 7%
·        Moisture: max. 1,5%                                                                                             
·        Granulometry 2-5 mm: min. 92%
·        Bulk density in kg/dm3: 0,9-1,0                                                                               
Max. negative variation for single main nutrient: 1,1 – value in % by weight.
Max. negative variation for all main nutrient: 1,9 – value in % by weight.
Max. negative variation for SO3 nutrient: 0,9 – value in % by weight.


Granular fertilizer, uniform light gray to dark gray granules, not permanently agglomerating agents. Bulk density: 0,9-1,0 kg/dm3. Polifoska ® 6 contains 6% nitrogen (N) in the ammonium form, 20% of phosphorus (P2O5) soluble in neutral ammonium citrate and water, which is easily absorbed in the form of diammonium phosphate and one, and 17% soluble in water. The fertilizer contains 30% potassium (K2O) soluble in water, in the form of potassium chloride, or potassium salt and 7% of sulfur trioxide (SO 2) soluble in water, in the form of sulphate. Nitrogen in the ammonium form is not leaching from the soil, is not taken up by plants, supports the downloading of phosphorus and reduces excess intake of potassium. Phosphorus in the form of ammonium phosphate is the most absorbable form of this component, also gets well under water deficit conditions in the soil. The chemical composition POLIFOSKI ® 6 makes a good rooting of plants, their proper development of Post-emergence period, increases the resistance of plants, and applied prior to sowing increases their resistance to frost and improving the quality of yield ..


This fertilizer can be used for all crops: winter and spring crops, industrial crops, fodder and root crops, grassland, and in the cultivation of vegetables and orchards. Polifoska ® 6 should be used on soils low in potassium, in conditions of low organic fertilization and the potasolubne plants such as sugar beet, potato, maize and oilseed rape. The highest efficiency is obtained by using Polifoska ® 6 przedsiewnie, mixing with the soil to a depth of 10-20 cm. This fertilizer can also be applied in early spring, top dressing for winter crops. Fertilize crops in the spring. Polifoska ® 6 can be mixed directly from the spread of (UREA), ammonium nitrate and CAN, and any time of the potassium salt.

Packaging, storage and transport

Printed poly bags, with a net weight of 50 kg, arranged in 10 layers at most. Containers not exceeding a weight of 500 kg, can be stored in a stack of three layers, and over 500 kg in stacks composed of two layers. The fertilizer should be stored in clean and dry storage buildings, and protect against weather conditions (solar radiation, precipitation). During transport, handling and storage of works proceed in accordance with applicable provisions of: ZN-ZChP-131: 2004


- In case of irritation, skin and eyes with plenty of water

- Preferably use dust masks, goggles and gloves

- In case of accidental ingestion, seek medical advice

- Fertilizer nontoxic, odorless, non-flammable

- Protect from moisture and sunlight

The recommended dose POLIFOSKA 6 kg / ha*


richness of the soil

low and very lowmedium 1large and very large
Winter crops and spring - for every 1 t of grain 90 60 30
Rape - for every 1 t of seed 160 120 60
Peas, beans - for every 1 t of seed 110 75 45
Lupins - for every 1 t of seed 150 100 60
Potato on manure (3) - for every 10 tonnes of tubers <90 + 30 K2 50+25kg K 20kg K
Potatoes without manure - for every 10 tons of tubers 110+55kg K 75+55kg K 45+30kg K
Sugar beet on manure - for every 10 tons of roots 110+15kg K 75+15kg K 40
Sugar beet without manure - for every 10 tons of roots nie uprawiać 90+55kg K 55+40kg K
Fodder beet on manure - for every 10 tons of roots 60+15kg K 15+15kg K 15kg K
Fodder beet without manure - for every 10 tons of roots 75+65kg K 50+50kg K 30+30kg K
Corn for silo - for every 10 tons of green matter 135 90 35
Maize for grain - for every 1 t of grain 90 + 15K 60+20kg K 25+15kg K
Meadows and pastures - for every 2 tons of hay and 10 tons of green matter 110+30kg K 75+30kg K 50
Grasses grown in the field of legume and grass - for every 10 tons of green mass 110 75 45

Technical data

Nitrogen Tak
Phosphorus Tak
Potassium Tak
Sulfur Tak
Calcium No
Magnesium No
Microelements No

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