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NPK (CaO,SO3) 4-12-20 (8-12) Amofoska

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We accept order size of 24 tons and multiples of 24 tons. For foreign companies we offer products in net prices.

Because of the sulfur contained in the fertilizer is recommended to use it for the cultivation of oilseed rape, legumes, grassland and in the cultivation of vegetables and orchards. Best results are obtained with Amofoska 4-12-20 on soils poor in potassium (light and medium soils) and in conditions of low organic fertilization and cultivation of plants need potassium, corn, beets and potatoes.


PROPERTIES 4-12-20 Amofoska is granular, a compound fertilizer NPK type B.1.1. with the following nutrient content in accordance with the requirements of the European Union.


• 4% N total nitrogen in the ammonium form,

• 12% P2O5 Phosphorus pentoxide soluble in mineral acids. at least 5% P2O5 Phosphorus pentoxide soluble in neutral ammonium citrate and water, 2.5% P2O5 Phosphorus pentoxide soluble in water,

• 20% K2O potassium oxide soluble in water,

• 8% CaO calcium oxide soluble in water,

• 12% SO3 sulfur trioxide in the form of water-soluble sulfates.


(Co, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, Zn) from natural phosphate rock is a valuable addition to the fertilizer which enhance absorption of other ingredients. According to current criteria, the fertilizer does not contain harmful levels of heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury, it is therefore safe for the environment. High quality pellets, ie, uniform grain size, homogeneous composition of each granule and the lack of dust facilitates uniform seeding. Sulfur in the form of easily digestible is a valuable nutrient for plants sulfuric wedding, especially recommended for use on soils with low sulfur content.


Amofoska 4-12-20 NPK Mg is a typical pre-sowing fertilizer. After distribution of the role it is necessary to mix the fertilizer with the soil. For sowing the seeds can start after 5-7 days of the date of fertilizer mixed with soil. The grassland is spread fertilizer in early spring. This fertilizer is suitable for all soils, regardless of their brevity and the degree of acidification.



The main component of the fertilizer is potassium, therefore, the dose must be determined by the demand for plants fertilized with potassium, and by the content of available potassium in soil. The ratio of phosphorus to potassium provides enough phosphorus fertilization of all plants, if you use the correct dose of potassium. In most cases you will need the additional nitrogen fertilization. Nitrogen contained in the fertilizer is sufficient only for the first period of plant growth, then this component should be supplemented by a poll tax by the use of nitrogen fertilizer needs of crops.


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