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N34 Ammonium nitrate Anwil

Dostępność:: brak informacji
Cena:: 1 720,00 zł

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Ocena:: 4.5
Producent: Anwil S.A.
Kod produktu: 142_3


We accept order size of 24 tons and multiples of 24 tons. For foreign clients from the EU VAT number, we offer products in net prices.

The ammonium nitrate is the most valuable and popular granulated fertilizer. The addition of magnesium stimulates improvement in the plants' condition, prevents instances of magnesium lack, and improves the nutritive value of the crops.

The ammonium nitrate enriched with magnesium is a universal nitrogen-based fertilizer. It can be applied to all plants and to all soil types. Magnesium intake is not exceeded, even when large quantities of the fertilizer are used. Magnesium deficiency in the soil causes an inhibition in the plants' starch and sugar production process. Winter crops are then easily frozen.

The ammonium nitrate from Włocławek is free flowing, hard and has homogeneous prills. It is 100% lumping-proof, and the hardness of the prill is secured by a unique granulation technique, using vibrogranulators.

The advantages of our product:
  • very low water content - 0.3% maximum,
  • particle - size distribution 1mm -3,15mm: not less than 96%
  • appearance-  white prills,
  • total nitrogen 34,0 +/- 0,6%
  • packaging: long-lasting and pleasant-looking 50 kg polyethylene bags or big-bags (500 kg each).

Product name:
  • trade - ammonium nitrate,
  • systematic - ammonium nitrate,
  • in English - ammonium nitrate,
  • in French - nitrate d' ammonium,
  • in German - Ammoniumnitrat.
Degree of purity:commercial.


Chemical formula:
  • molecular - NH4NO3,
  • molecular weight - 80,088 (1962 y.)
General characteristic:
Ammonium nitrate is a hygroscopic, easily water-soluble substance. It supports a burning. It decays when heated above 185oC.

Ammonium nitrate with magnesium is used in agriculture as a fertilizer.

Ammonium nitrate should be stored in clean, dry and permeable to air compartments of moisture-proof foundation. The ammonium nitrate bags should be bid horizontally on a dry, smooth and hardened surface maximum in 12 layers high. The quantity of one pile may not exceed 30 tons and the distance between then should be 1 m at least. In one compartment should not be stored more than 300 tons. Smoking and fire usage are not allowed in these compartments and the conductors should be well protected. There should be no flammable materials and these what can react with ammonium nitrate, for example: crop protection products, metal oxides, acids, powdered metals, carbon, wood, sawdust, fuel, oils and lubricants.

Ammonium nitrate is to be protected from:
  • water action and precipitations,
  • direct isolation,
  • mechanical damage of packing,
  • become heated above 30oC.
The product is in accordance with (WE) NR 2003/2003 European Parliament and Council dated 13.10.2003.

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